Creating That Perfect Outfit With Your Spirit Wrist
Creating an outfit with your Spirit Wrist is such a fun and easy thing to do. Start off by choosing which design you vibe with the most. There are many different stones to choose from and each has its own color, style and SPIRIT.

This unique jewelry is easy to wear and the weight of the stones feels really nice on your body. The length of the bracelet wraps around your wrist and gives the illusion of several pieces worn at once. You can even try two wraps on your arm for a longer and more stacked look. The long strand is crafted by hand in Bali by the 50 indigenous women who are paid a living wage to create each wrap. The spirit of the islands and the passionate team that makes them are imbued in each and every bracelet.

These fashion-forward beads look so beautiful when worn with anything. You can style them upscale with a boho-chic dress and heels or go super casual and wear them to yoga class for a beautiful style that supports your wrists with light compression. We really like how the beads transform any look into a stylish ensemble. Try out this vibe to dress up a denim look and make your style go from drab to fab with just one special piece!

If you wear your Spirit Wrist jewelry every day, you'll enjoy the comforting and weighted sensation that the Spirit Wrist provides. You can wear your bracelet with any outfit because they are available in a multitude of natural stone colors, both solid and multi-toned. While you can pick your outfit first and then throw on your jewelry, try choosing your statement piece first and then style your outfit to support your Spirit Wrist!

Begin by deciding which wrap to wear. Look at the threads that connect the beads. This thread will be the complimenting color in your outfit for the day. A black or brown, tan or neutral color might be used for shoes or a belt so that the details of the bracelet are visually tied in with your outfit.

Look at the color of the fashion bead. You might choose an outfit that is the same color of that bead or you might choose a complimentary color. We really like the multi-color beads that pop out and shine bright against the classic Jessie Wrap

You can also throw on this jewelry with some breezy joggers and a plain white t-shirt to make an outfit out of a casual look. These beads can also be worn with a pair of leggings and a yoga top to style and support your exercise routine. 

We like that the spirit of Bali is in each piece and that the jewelry is so very inspired and beautiful. The time and thought that is given in the design of every wrap is evident and if you style your clothes around your beautifully adorned wrist, we are sure that your spirit and outfit will feel mindfully lifted every time you get dressed! 

Add this breezy and beautiful Balanisian style to your jewelry collection today by purchasing from our website,! We love to see how our customers style themselves and we really enjoy sharing our favorite looks with you all, please follow us on Instagram @spiritwrist to find more styling inspiration and tag us with your looks!
Cameron Jordan

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