Enhancing Your Meaningful Wrist Tattoo with Spirit Wrist
Having a small wrist tattoo is very trendy and you have probably seen some of your favorite celebrities rocking them in their Instagram photos. Interestingly enough, the new fashion trend doesn't just stop with a "small pretty wrist tattoo." If you have a wrist tattoo and have not looked into Spirit Wrist wrap bracelets, you will want to stick around on how to pair the two to take your fashion sense to new heights. Also, if you are interested in getting a tattoo to go with your bracelet you should search for "tiny tattoo designs wrist" or "small wrist tattoos for wrist" on Google. That will also be elaborated on later in the article.
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These bracelets are bohemian bracelets that are handmade with gemstones. The beads are placed diligently by the hands of women from Bali, so this isn't your typical factory-made jewelry. They come from Bali and are great for those who have thin wrists or larger wrists. You can verify the size you need by carefully measuring your wrists with a printable tape measure for wrists. If you want to measure your wrist diameter, it's a very easy task and you will have the information you need to feel comfortable that the bracelet will fit the way you desire. As stated previously, some women have seemingly tiny wrists while others have wrists on the fuller size. It's no big deal if you have skinny wrists or wrists on the thicker side. Spirit Wrist fits more than just your average female wrist circumference.

Aside from measuring your own wrists, you may want to look into finding the average bracelet length when it comes to the typical Bohemian beaded bracelet. The length of the bracelet can have an impact on your look and you want to make sure you like how long the bracelet is before you make a purchase, because you may want multiples for a larger than life look. Depending on the design of your tattoo, you may want your bracelet to have a certain look to match it, or better yet, get two for a more layered look. For example, if you have small floral wrist tattoos then you would probably want a bracelet that also has a bright color to compliment it. We love the Lennon turquoise wrap for that beautiful pop on your wrist. 

Regardless, a small tattoo pairs greatly with a Spirit Wrist bracelet because they help to give you a better connection with your body art. Tattoos are special and having the perfect bracelet to match could make you fall deeper in love with your body ink because of how much meaning it brings spiritually. If you want to look into getting your own small wrist tattoo to enhance, use social media to your advantage. Checking for those small wrist tattoos for your wrist or tiny tattoo designs for your wrist. Tattoos look great on even the most skinny wrists.  If you do not have a small wrist tattoo do not worry! A Spirit Wrist bracelet is statement enough on its own, drastically changing a drab outfit to fab. 

These bracelets are not only very good for anyone who wants to bring their style to the next level, but also perfect for someone who wants to build a deeper spiritual meaning with their tattoo. We're sure that you got your tattoo for an important reason such as to remind you of your grandmother or as a matching tattoo with your best friend. These bracelets enhance that spiritual connection while adding a pop of style. They look good with any outfit and look even better when you pair it with a wrist tattoo. Hopefully you have learned that size doesn't matter when selecting a bracelet because they work for tiny wrists and thick wrists. These bracelets from Bali are perfect for those who want a beautiful accessory to dress your wrist tattoo up or down. 

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