Spirit Wrist is proud to employ over 50 indigenous, Indonesian women with a long tradition of jewelry making who are paid a living wage to create each wrap.

The craftsmanship is exceptional with each piece requiring 2 hours to create.

Your Spirit Wrist has impact on the lives of 100s.



Our Commitment Values are an integral part of our business, and we live them daily

  • Commit to Excellence - We dedicate ourselves to be the best everyday. We do not settle for mediocrity and are proud of the work and products we produce.
  • Know our Customers - We work tirelessly  to understand  their  experience and make their lives better. Our work has purpose by delivering our customers value.
  • Trust and Integrity are Paramount - Open, honest and transparent communication is our foundation. We treat each other with respect and keep our promises.
  • Own It - We are accountable for our world and demonstrate drive every day. Results and consistency matter to our team.
  • Operate as a Business - In order to fulfill our mission, we must grow, drive revenue and work to impact the most lives possible by doing so.