Spirit Wrist Executive Leadership team is comprised of experts with over 100 years of experience in jewelry, business and fashion. Read about our mission and how every Spirit Wrist impacts 100s of lives.

Head of Production - Bali, Indonesia

Agung is a passionate and dedicated expert with over 20 years experience as a silversmith and in jewelry production for many famous luxury brands. He oversees our entire production team in Bali, Indonesia. To learn more about Bali, our production team, and our innovative design methods, you can reach Agung at agung.narmada@spiritwrist.com. Call or text for free via WhatsApp at 62.821.4762.4098

Sam Monreal - Spirit Wrist

SAM MONREAL - Partner, Head of Sales - Austin, TX

Sam is a serial entrepreneur with over $1B in successful exits and is an owner or leader in firms with 800+ employees delivering over $10B in transactions from online traffic in the past 2 years. He oversees revenue, business management and strategy. To discuss press inquiries, scaled revenue partnerships or investment, you can reach Sam at sam.monreal@spiritwrist.com. Call or text at 512.426.7914

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