FAQs about Serena Del Alma's Acquisition of Spirit Wrist

1. What is Serena Del Alma?

Serena Del Alma is a global brand with little presence in the United States that focuses on handmade, high quality, and custom products that are offered to their members exclusively. Their platform is free to join, though processing memberships will take time and Spirit Wrist customers can join - if they'd like - when we fully transition.

2. Does the mean I can no longer buy Spirit Wrist?

We are still offering our products the same way we always have. We have a massive backlog of inventory that we will still need to sell of our current products over the next several months. In addition, all Spirit Wrist customers, past and present are given the opportunity to join Serena Del Alma without the application or invite process.

3. Serena Del Alma seems exclusive. Does that mean expensive?

Serena Del Alma does cater to an audience looking for high-quality products that are custom or handmade. This does not necessarily mean expensive or out of reach for most buyers. They have an array of offerings for all budgets and we will continue to create real gemstone wraps as well as other jewelry in our production facility in Bali. 

4. Why have I never heard of Serena Del Alma?

Their platform has mainly been invitation only and they aren't the traditional brand that looks for publicity. We had to build them a public-facing website so our customers would have somewhere to go to learn more. You can view a little information about the firm at www.serenadelalma.com

5. Why did Spirit Wrist choose to sell?

Modern online commerce doesn't value TRUE artisan-made products as they are very difficult to tell apart from poorly made knockoffs. Each of our wraps has real gemstones, takes two hours to hand sew and we control every part of the process. We offer a luxury quality product at an accessible price. We will be able to do that in a bigger way with Serena Del Alma.

6. What happens if I have a shipping issue or problem with an order?

We aren't going anywhere and we will be here to help you now and in the future.

7. Is this in keeping with the mission and core values of Spirit Wrist?

Absolutely, the most important thing to us was the ability to help Serena Del Alma broaden their horizons by introducing more people, especially in North America, to true artisan-made products meant to last a lifetime. We will be able to grow even faster with our ability to employ more people in Bali and pay a living wage. That has been the core of our mission from day one.

8. Is there an actual person named Serena Del Alma?

We asked the same question. There isn't - as the company carefully acquires companies for the quality of their craftsmanship - the name is crafted, as well. It essentially means the "serene spirit" or "tranquil heart". We liked that.

9. If I don't want to join Serena Del Alma am I no longer able to be a customer?

We hope you will join the platform. It will give you so many more options to enjoy truly high-quality goods. It is free for you to join so there is no risk in checking it out. 

10. Was Spirit Wrist in financial trouble?

Actually, we have never been more successful. And we are grateful to have so many supporters that helped us get here. 

11. Who can we contact with inquires?

For orders and shipping contact orders@spiritwrist.com for press or comments, you can contact sam.monreal@spiritwrist.com

Samuel Monreal

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