Average Womens Wrist Sizes in Inches and Centimeters for Bracelets or Circumference

Average Women's Wrist Sizes - Spirit Wrist Wrap Bracelets come with an easy adjustment kit that takes 30 seconds to get the perfect size for you. Spirit Wrist Wrap Bracelets fit 4.5 in wrists to 8.5 in wrists.

Extra Small or Tiny Average Womens Wrist Sizes:

  • 5in to 5.5in
  • 12cm to 14cm
Small Average Womens Wrist Sizes:
  • 5.5in to 6.5 in
  • 14cm to 17cm
Medium to Large Average Womens Wrist Sizes:
  • 6.5in to 7.5in
  • 17cm to 19cm

Head of Marketing, Cameron Jordan shows you how to quickly and easily get your wrist measurement size using a printable measuring tape with a measuring tape just using your own hands.


These bracelets are bohemian bracelets that are handmade with gemstones. The beads are placed diligently by the hands of women from Bali, so this isn't your typical factory-made jewelry. They come from Bali and are great for those who have thin wrists or larger wrists. You can verify the size you need by carefully measuring your wrists with a printable tape measure for wrists. If you want to measure your wrist diameter, it's a very easy task, and you will have the information you need to feel comfortable that the bracelet will fit the way you desire. As stated previously, some women have seemingly tiny wrists, while others have wrists on the fuller size. It's no big deal if you have skinny wrists or wrists on the thicker side. Spirit Wrist fits more than just your average female wrist circumference.

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