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1000s of Spirit Wrist Wraps have been sold in retail environments for years. The demand and desire for the product has been proven. The quality tested extensively.

Consistent 5 Star Reviews.


  • Google Past 30 Days - 38M impressions, 349K Visits

  • Instagram - 64K+ followers

  • Etsy Past 30 Days - 27K+ views, 10K+ Visits


All aspects of design, production and marketing are managed in house by a team with beyond extensive experience to control costs and deliver incredible results. Our team is world experts in gemstones, production, marketing, business building in online media and engagement.


Over 50 indigenous women in in Bali are paid a living wage to create Spirit Wrist wraps. 100s of years of tradition provide exceptional quality in the dedication it takes to invest 2 hours to hand sew each wrap. Every Spirit Wrist Wrap impacts hundreds of lives. Your customers can know buying Spirit Wrist is doing good for others.

Contact Tyson.Homec@spiritwrist.com to learn more

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