Serena Del Alma Acquires Spirit Wrist

Serena Del Alma, Inc. announced on March 1, 2020 that it has completed the acquisition of Great Wave Development LLC dba Spirit Wrist. Serena Del Alma, the privately held members-only handmade goods holding company acquired the privately held Texas-based Spirit Wrist, producer of real gemstone wrap bracelets, for an undisclosed sum. 

Spirit Wrist's operations in the US include the Austin, Texas headquarters, design and fulfillment operations, the Los Angeles, California marketing, brand and styling operations and the Bali, Indonesia production operations. Spirit Wrist leadership will remain in place with Sam Monreal joining the board of Serena Del Alma and serving as the President of US Operations.

Sam Monreal stated, "we are excited to join Serena Del Alma and see the power of their Members and brand as integral to the future of the vision that we have executed throughout our history. Spirit Wrist has always been a luxury quality brand and differentiation in modern online commerce requires moving in the direction of the future. Many of our customers will find the caliber and exclusivity of Serena Del Alma products as the type of quality we have always produced."

Spirit Wrist will continue to operate under it's current model of offering products available to the public until all of it's current inventory and production has been successfully sold. It will then be fully incorporated into the members only Serena Del Alma offering of custom goods. 

Serena Del Alma stated, "this our first US acquisition and the caliber of the Bali, Indonesia-based team of artisans and jewelry production will be incorporated into our offering in the future to craft a diversity of jewelry beyond the exquisite gemstone wraps made by Spirit Wrist. We remain confident in our model of offering a luxury quality suite of goods available to members only."

In the prepared statement Serena Del Alma concluded with, "we continue to operate with the best interests of our members as our guiding principle. Our focus is solely on creating the finest custom products and will not provide further comments on this acquisition."

Spirit Wrist real gemstone wrap bracelets are available for a limited time at 



Samuel Monreal

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