Help Us Keep Spirit Wrist Available to All - 5000 Wrap Bracelets Below Cost

We are selling Spirit Wrist Wrap Bracelets below cost in order to sell 5000 before the end of September. 70% off all styles.

This is about far more than selling wraps for us. Earlier this year, we were acquired by Serena Del Alma. We love being part of the Serena Del Alma family, yet they are a members-only platform.

We want Spirit Wrist to be available to all people, no matter who you are. :)

Serena Del Alma agreed to keep us public if we can sell 5000 wraps by the end of September. Serena Del Alma has decided to pay for the cost of selling Spirit Wrist Wrap Bracelets for less than it costs to make them. They believe in our mission that much.

Our most popular styles of bracelets below cost.

Women's Styles

Men's Styles

However, you can help, please do. Leave a 5-star Google review, on your favorite style on the site, post on Instagram and Facebook, and tag @spiritwrist or let your friends know why you love your Spirit Wrist Wrap Bracelet. Our company and fans aren't about disposable and temporary, just like a tattoo is a commitment, we have made a commitment to this business and you. Help us keep it. Thank you, and we love you!

Samuel Monreal

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